Leadership Development: Emerging Leaders Program

The Southeast region has become established as a leading hub for Staff Development for Teen Challenge centers around the globe. We wholeheartedly believe our young student-leaders are the future of the organization, and our vision is to develop these leaders, invest in their futures, and equip them to carry the vision of putting HOPE within reach for the next generation.  

Our Leadership Pipeline is designed to be a strategic track of hands-on training, character development, accountability, and leadership opportunities. As students progress through the leadership track, they are entrusted with internship opportunities that lead to job positions within the organization. We believe our structure produces excellently trained leaders of high moral quality that carry endurance for longevity within the ministry of Teen Challenge.  

As staff members arise through our program, we create dynamic teams that combine each leader’s individual strengths to multiply the impact they have as a unit on the southeast region. 

Together, we can see the miracle of changed lives multiply for years to come.

The Emerging Leaders Program

History of the Emerging Leaders Program

The Emerging Leaders Program was envisioned in 2005 by Dr. Jerry Nance in response to his prayer for the leaders needed to reach the growing addicted population – leaders who would be carriers of the Teen Challenge Core Values and align with our God-given mission.

The ELP is a servant leadership development program intended to raise up leaders within Teen Challenge relative to our heritage, mission, DNA and guiding principles.

Purpose Statement:
“To identify, equip and train emerging leaders who aspire to
greater levels of responsibility within Teen Challenge.”

The Objective of the ELP:
“To provide an instructional program for enhancing the quality
and longevity of leadership within Teen Challenge.”

Core Values of the ELP:
Servant Leadership
Life-Long Learning

This past year, the Emerging Leaders Program:

Was involved with 180 evangelism outreaches with a total of 1,238 participants.

Had 90 new students enroll, and 60 students graduate.

Led recovery-based small groups where 174 students participated.

ELP Summit and Staff Days

The ELP Summit and Staff days is an annual conference that brings all of our ELP students together for training and fellowship.

Below are a few pictures from our ELP Summit & Staff Days 2018